Hi, I'm Tyler the owner of At Least Web Design. Our business concept is simple. We believe that every business should at least have a website.

Seriously, for $150 you'll have a site that will last forever, and you'll never have to pay monthly fees. The best part is we'll build the site for you in one business day, and you don't have to pay till its completed. That means if we don't design something you like, you can walk away without having lost a dime. We choose to work this way, because we are confident you'll be pleased with what we create.

Check out our templates to jump start your creative thinking and help you envision how your site could look and function.

If that amazing deal doesn't convince you to contact us today, then consider learning how to build one on your own. That may sound a bit challenging, but we promise we can teach you. No coding needed and the design interface is extremely intuitive and versatile.

So, schedule a one-on-one with one of our designers, and in an hour your site will be off to a good start and you'll have the necessary skills and tools to complete the rest on your own. Our brief training session will cost you a mere $49, and from that time forward you'll be able to create as many free websites as you'd like. Follow this link to discover what you'll learn and accomplish in class. We're confident you'll find this to be one of the best investments you'll ever make.

Our Story

I own another web design business. We charge much more for our websites for several reasons, the primary being they take more time to build and they cost us money to maintain. The overall product is much better and more customized, so for some businesses this is the better option. However, I discovered that this is not the best choice for everyone.

I had this moment of discovery during the early stages of our growth. In the beginning we focused on serving plumbers, and one of the best ways to find them, was simply through Google Maps. This tool allowed us to easily locate plumbers close to us, record their phone numbers, and assess the state and condition of their websites. I started making a comprehensive list of all the plumbers near us. I can still remember midway through when I had a list of 180 prospects, I found that 45% of them didn't have a website of any kind. I called them, and to my dismay many weren’t interested in changing that reality. One of their prevailing reasons for not wanting a site was a belief it wasn’t worth spending the time and money. Another was that they were already very busy and so they didn't need another marketing tool increase business. Nobody disagreed that a site would be a good thing to have, just that it wasn't worth it. I disagreed with their reasoning, but I also respected their point of view and tried to better understand it.

So over time, I continued to ponder the situation. I thought to myself:

"There are so many companies who choose to go without, and don't understand what they are missing." "Is there something we can do to help?"

"What if we could sell them sites at lower cost with less hassle? Would this address their largest concerns, and convince them to change their minds?"

"Yes, I believe it would!" "Many would be interested in something like that.”

“But, how could we build a professional site for so cheap.” “Could we make it worth our time and theirs?”

Then one day it occurred to me, Google offers a very quick and inexpensive way for anyone to build a professional site. Since many businesses were already choosing to go without, we could use this tool to help every business “at least” have a website. And now that's what we're doing.

How It works


We'll chat online or in-person and discuss your goals for the site


Once we're on the same page we'll build what we discussed


When you give the thumbs up we'll publish the site

Once you provide us the necessary images, documents, and information, expect your site to be finished within a business day.


Our templates will kick start your creative juices and help you decide how you want your site to look. Referencing a template can also help you effectively communicate to us what you have in mind. So, go ahead. Check out some of our templates and pick one that works best for you.

Before you meet with us we invite you to complete the Quick Start Question Form for the template you have chosen. We'll need answers to these questions at some point in time, and having them before we meet allows us to be better prepared, making the use of your time more productive.